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In the Bath

The bathtub is such a fun photo location for kids. They are at ease, enjoying the wam water. Nothing distracts, its just their pure softness and wonderful expressions.
I could see that so well as an alternative to the 'woodland photosession'!
I would take some more photographs all cosy in a bathrobe and snuggled up on the sofa whilst sipping on a hot chocolate.

What do you think?

AndreaDunanPhotography Bath1

AndreaDunanPhotography Bath3

AndreaDunanPhotography Bath2

AndreaDunanPhotography Bath4

6 Ways to look better in Photographs

We are living more and more in a visual world- Facebook, LinkedIn, Google etc. etc., so wouldn't it be nice to see yourself as good looking as you can be?

Most of us can't move like a model in front of the camera, which results many to think 'I am not photogenic'. So whenever they see a camera coming close to them, they frown, see their bad photo and proven to themselves that they are not photogenic. So let's beak that vicious circle by practicing the tips below. 


To get that sparkle in your eyes, have dark circles and wrinkles less apparent always try to face the light. I.e. when in a room, turn close towards the window. Outside do avoid direct sunshine, half shade or overcast skies are ideal.

Most of us create more lines on our faces then we actually have, by frowning or tensing our face muscles. Let go of that, by relaxing your face, especially the area around your mouth and between the eyes.

Keep your body nice and tall, think of that imaginary string on your head that stretches you even taller. But keep your shoulders soft and dropped down.

Most of us have a side we prefer. Try to figure out which one is yours- direct face, half profile, left side or right side? Show that one to the camera- that is what Celebrities do all the time.

Don’t think of the camera when having your photograph taken, but the person who takes your photograph or anybody else you like (your partner, friend, George Clooney, Angelina Jolie etc. etc.) Give ‘them’ a nice look- doesn’t have to be always the full on smile, but keep your eyes warm and connected. Play around with your expressions- be thoughtful, crack up a laughter, flaunt a sexy look, move a little be playful.

Don’t shy away when people ask you to take your photograph. It is a compliment, embrace it. Present yourself at your best. If you do that, you will inspire others to do the same and you will soon have many beautiful photographs of your friends and family.

Childrens Fashion Portraits

A few weeks ago, I met with Fran, the owner of Taunton's Tiny Trends ( who offers 2nd hand Designer Children's Clothes. She has a great website, but was in need of some fresh photographs to showcase the new Spring Clothes.

We went to Castle Green with our bouncy gang of 4! The children did all really well, despite the chilly wind.
It just shows how well it works to take portraits of children outdoors. You really get lovely natural photographs without the tears and tantrums that can happen in a photo studio :-)

11  14   16   36   30

My new photo stuido

I have found the perfect space for my fabulous photo studio! You can find it on the top floor of John Lewis in Exeter :-) Tall south facing windows, illuminate a large, loft like room. The pictures show the view over to the Exeter Cathedral. Well, dream big as some say!


Wall Display Inspiration

I guess most of all take photographs of friends and family with our mobile phones, digital compact cameras etc. These beautiful snapshots sadly tend to live on a hard drive instead of being displayed in our homes. I think we are A) overwhelmed by the sheer amount of photographs and B) not quite sure how we should display them.

So here are a few ideas:

1) Choose a few images from an event or season (Aunty Sarah's Wedding, sunny summer of 2012!). Try to be not to over-analytical in the choosing process, listen to your gut reaction and stick with it.

2) Decide which is the best wall space to display them. I like areas where you pass through often, i.e. the hall way, entrance hall, kitchen.

3) Meassure the area on the wall, that will guide you how many photographs in which size you can display.

4) Print photographs using a good quality photographic paper with a lustre finish 

5) To add interest to frames, you could either use different frames in a similar tonal range or all the same frames with different mount colours.



A Hippo in Somerset

Today I took advantage of the dramatic afternoon light and took a few photographs of my daughter in her infamous hippo hat. Although a lover of available light, I tested several settings with my Canon flash gun.
So I wonder which photo do you prefer? Arms up is with flash, arms down without, just ambient light. Do you ever use the flash on your camera?


Beach Life

Being brought up in a very land locked location I love living now so close to the sea.
And the beauty is, the seaside is special all year round. I keep on trying to convince my family to have Fish& Chips on Boxing Day by the seaside :-)

The seaside works great as a backdrop for photographs- the calm scenery yet lots of interesting details such as rocks, seashells, beach huts etc etc.

So whether you look for a relaxed and unposed family photograph or just some special photographs of yourself- do call me to find out more!

Beach Life

Spring Blossoms

Finally Spring has arrived. So many beautiful flowers coming our right now and by living in this beautiful part of the world they tend to grow in abundance.

So how about having some gorgeous photographs taken of you, the children, the grandparents, the dog etc. in these stunning sprays of colour?

Just give me a call to find out how easy and fun it will be!

GSKT 4474dogssiblingsdaisy


At a friends birthday party I spontaneously took some photographs- all with available light.

I was aiming to capture the buzzing mood of the party, the vibrancy of the musicians and the energetic spirit of the dancers.{gallery}/sitegalleries/party:120:80{/gallery}

Local Artists in Somerset

Some photographs I took over the last months of local artists, which have been used on their website. They all give classes at
View the embedded image gallery online at:


No doubt it's winter's most beautiful dress.
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Ten Parishes

Recently I took part in the '10 Parishes Festival' which featured many artists in the Wiveliscombe area. I exhibited some more experimental work at Secret Meadow Nursery between Oake and Milverton.

The aim for me, was to find out how experimental you can be with digital cameras but NOT using Photoshop.
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Maternity Pictures

Knowing what a special time pregnancy is - I've tried to capture the beauty and radiance of a mum to be.

Why not have your photo taken as a memory of this precious time? Be it just on your own, with your partner or together with other children you might have.

I will take plenty of time to create a selection of flattering and sensual photographs. Please contact me to find out more.
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